Sentrex Mung Bean System

Bean sprouts have been a traditional Asian ingredient for more than 5,000 years. To grow bean sprouts, seeds are sanitized, soaked, spread into large bins and placed in a controlled environment, where humidity, water, nutrients, gases and temperature and constantly monitored. Unlike green sprouts, bean sprouts are grown entirely in the dark.

The ISS line of bean sprout equipment is designed to promote safe and successful bean sprout production. It can also be used to grow soy sprouts for specialty Asian markets.

Featuring manual equipment for small growers and fully automated equipment for larger growers, our bean sprout machines and equipment encompasses seed sanitation, growing, hulling, dewatering and other stages of the growing cycle.

The ISS line of bean sprouting equipment includes:

ISS Seed Sanitizer/Soaking System
ISS Sentrex Bean Sprout Growing System
ISS Encore Reclamation System
ISS Titan Bin Rotator
ISS Vibrating Huller
ISS Wash System
ISS Cyclone Centrifuge
ISS Air Knife System
ISS Pack-Off Table
ISS Automatic Packaging Machine


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