• At SunGarden we aren't just experts in sprouting but also a great source for ingredients.  Our years of international business has allowed us to build relationships with suppliers from around the globe.  Ask your SunGarden Account Executive about any of the interesting products we carry. -Hemp Cake -Hemp Protein Powder -Rice Protein Powder -Sea Buckthorn -Natural Colors -Natural Flavorings  
  • Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant, used as a food, drink, or dietary supplement. Like most plants, wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Claims about the health benefits of wheatgrass range from providing supplemental nutrition to having unique curative properties. Contact Us
  • The Adzuki Bean (Vigna angularis) has been grown in the Far East for centuries. Like the soybean, it probably originated in China and was introduced to Japan around 1000 AD. Today, Adzuki beans are one of Japan’s largest crops, with annual consumption of over 120,000 metric tons. Adzuki beans are often sprouted for only one day, mixed with other sprouts and called a "Crispy Mix" or "Crunchy Mix." They are commonly used throughout Asia in a variety of ways. Contact Us
  • Alfalfa and Clover Blend

    A perfect blend of the classic Alfalfa with the sweetness of Clover; it has a mild nutty flavor, with a wonderfully crispy texture. We suggest giving them a try on a sandwich, salad, or as an omelet topper. Contact Us
  • alfalfa seed
    This legume originated in Central Asia and the Mid East, with its name derived from the Arabic word for "best fodder." The sprouts are the second most popular sprout (after bean sprouts) in North America. They have a sweeter, fresher taste when yellow, but market acceptance often demands alfalfa sprouts to be greened.

    Where to Purchase Alfalfa Sprout Seeds

    Looking to buy commercial-grade alfalfa sprout seeds? We're here to help. If you grow sprouts commercially, ISS has an extensive array of seed varieties to choose from. For pricing on alfalfa sprout seeds, call (931) 400-2710.
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  • Alfalfa Sprouts

    A classic leafy sprout, Alfalfa has a mild nutty flavor and a wonderfully crispy texture. Too delicate to cook, we suggest giving them a try on sandwiches, salads, or as a lettuce substitute in any meal. Contact Us
  • sprouting wash tank sprout wash tank
    The small wash tank is the perfect addition to your sprouting facility. The small wash tank effectively cleans and hulls your sprouts all in one short step. Using a combination of air and water this piece of equipment will be sure to add value to your operation.
    • Water Capacity: 150 gallons of water
    • Electrical Requirements: 230 volts single phase
    • Independent air supply
    For more information contact your Sentrex Account Executive today. Contact Us
  • sentrex centrifuge sentrex centrifuge
    The New ISS Cyclone II Centrifuge is fast, strong and easy to operate. In just thirty seconds, the Cyclone II can extend the crispness and freshness of 50 pounds of product by as much as 30%. Standard Features
    • Precision engineered frame to handle unbalanced loads
    • Slider bar allows quick in and out of centrifuge baskets
    • Designed for easy interior and external cleaning
    • All food grade materials
    • Variable time and speed controls for multiple products
    • Superior quality continuous welded stainless steel frame with baked on finish protection to resist chlorine
    • Energy efficient wash down electrical components
    • Automatic and manual shutoffs
    • Emergency shutoff control
    • Designed so a fork lift or pallet jack can easily move it
    • 20 years of experience in centrifuge design and manufacturing
    • Engineering support available to best suit your product
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  • Standard Features
    • 304 stainless steel frame
    • Available tank in 304 stainless steel or polyethylene plastic
    • Water tempering
    • Automatic addition of chemicals
    • Versatile programmable controls
    • Automatic skimmer to remove debris
    • Easy access bottom release of seed
    Optional Features
    • Stairs or conveyor belt to load seed into hopper.
    • Automatic release of specified amounts of soaked seed, for even distribution into growing containers.
    • CIP cleaning system
    • Available in custom sizes. Stands can be built to your specified height.
    Large Sprouted Grain Activation Tank has a 1,700 gallon (6400 liter) capacity, and will sanitize and soak up to 4,000 lbs. (1,818 kg) of seed. Small Sprouted Grain Activation Tank has a 500 gallon (1892 liter) capacity, will sanitize and soak up to 1200 lbs. (545 kg) of seed. Learn More ISS also offers food grade Calcium Hypochlorite, the seed sanitizing agent that is recommended by the FDA. Ask your ISS sales representative for mixing guidelines. ISS Calcium Hypochlorite is available in 100 lb. (45kg) drums. Contact Us
  • One of the earliest cultivated cereals, barley is grown throughout the world. It is used commercially by breweries, pet stores, in agriculture and can be juiced for a nutritious drink. It is often sold to restaurants where it is added to fruit and vegetable drinks.

    Where to Buy Bulk Barley Sprout Seeds

    Searching for where to purchase bulk barley sprout seeds? You've come to the right place. Our customers include commercial sprout producers across the globe. Call (931) 400-2710 to get our latest barley sprout seeds pricing.
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  • Designed for use with your conveyor or ISS Shaker Table, the ISS Air Knife system is a high velocity air jet that blows water off your sprouts prior to packaging. It follows the washing or hydro cooling stage at harvest, prior to packaging. A wide variety of sizes and air capacities are available to suit your exact needs. ISS manufactures sprout air knife systems in a variety of sizes, but the features and specifications of our most popular size include:
    • 5 Fully adjustable air knives.
    • 1 10 hp, high volume blower .
    • 1 Discharge nozzle/air splitter.
    • 5 Flexible duct sections.
    • 1 Adapter - 8”.
    • 5 Duct clamps - 4”.
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  • A favorite in the southern U.S., this nutritious legume is most often sold rehydrated, rather than sprouted, in the produce sections of grocery stores. Black eye peas should be large and light tan (not gray) for an attractive product.

    Suppliers for Commercial Black-Eyed Pea Sprout Seeds

    Want to grow black-eyed peas? If so, we can provide you with the black-eyed pea sprout seeds you need. If you grow sprouts commercially, ISS is your one-stop shop for sprouting seeds, sprout growing equipment and more. Call now to get our latest black-eyed pea sprouting seeds pricing. We can be reached at (931) 400-2710.
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