In a time of need, SunGarden® Fresh Living steps up to provide amazing fresh & healthy sprouts to our local zoo, enriching animals’ lives and diets.

SunGarden® Fresh Living is using its platform as the world leader in the sprouting industry to do more for the community and the world it feeds. We are not just a company providing some of the world’s healthiest food, we are a company doing what we can to make our communities a better place.

During this unprecedented time, our team realizes how difficult it can be to maintain business continuity. This challenge is made even harder when your business relies on tourism and large groups of people. On a recent call with the management team of the Chattanooga Zoo, our team discovered a real need to help keep the zoo on track during this pandemic. Feeding the zoo’s residence is a big job; in this economic downturn the difficulties multiply.

Even if a zoo makes the difficult decision to rehome some of its animals, it can take months or even years to place animals with other zoos. Cutting back on the animals in a zoo’s collection can have negative side effects, too. Admission revenue can drop if the public doesn’t want to visit the smaller collection or a zoo loses big attractions.  Keeping these animals means keeping up with some very large appetites. Our team saw this problem and realized we could utilize our abilities and products to provide help.

In order to mitigate some of this food bill we are donating high-quality sprouts and micro-greens to help feed their hungry animals. Our first delivery of produce took place on November 16th when we delivered over 2,500 pounds of fresh produce. When our team visited we discovered we weren’t only providing financial relief but also enriching these animals’ lives and diets. What we discovered was the new variety added not only nutrients but also excitement to animals that have been missing the human interaction they would normally receive during a busy zoo season.

SunGarden® Fresh Living has been providing the highest quality sprouts since 1979. We grow and sell alfalfa, clover, radish, mung bean, and broccoli sprouts. All sprouts are carefully grown and harvested in our state-of-the-art facility while best-in-class food safety systems ensure our sprouts are the safest in the industry.