SunGarden® Is Proud to Introduce Organic Sprouted Red Clover Powder – A Powerful Plant Based Natural Supplement for Complete Women’s Health.

With the world looking more into plant-based options the team at SunGarden® is excited to announce a brand new Organic Red Clover Powder, with a tremendous amount of research and tests completed they are offering a natural supplement for women’s health. This Organic Red Clover Sprout Powder will soon be on every woman’s wish list thanks to its phytoestrogen, flavonoids, anti-breast cancer activities, and its ability to relieve symptoms of menopause.

On top of it the many beneficial compounds it carries, this Organic Red Clover Sprout Powder composes of 44% protein. With its high protein values, neutral flavor, and mild appearance this product provides a great source of plant-based proteins and can be blended into any recipe for an added protein boost.

Thanks to many other researcher and documents from PubMed and NCBI, we found that Red Clover Sprouts contain an estrogen receptor (ER) known as ER β. It binds to ER α to stop it from activating or triggering the activation of breast cancer activities. Another ability of ER β is that it aids in relieving menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and bone deterioration. The compounds allow less frequent and less intense symptoms for women who are experiencing menopause.

The overall effect of Red Clover Sprouts can be extremely beneficial to women’s health in general. With not as many supplements targeted specifically for women’s health, this Organic Red Clover Sprout Powder can pave the way for a more advance direction in bettering women’s health and lifestyle.Add it to a smoothie, bake with it, or just anyway you like to get that boost of extra nutrition. Sometime the smallest change can make the biggest difference for a healthy, happy life.

SunGarden® has been growing and distributing the highest quality sprouted ingredients and fresh sprouts in the industry since 1979.  As a vertically integrated leader of the industrial sprouting market, SunGarden® provides unmatched quality, freshness, and safety.  With a state-of-art growing facility and supreme food safety programs SunGarden® is the right choice for sprouts ingredients and powers.

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