SunGarden®Sprouted Ingredients and Powders present BrassiPeak®Alpha, a natural immune system booster with amazing nutritional benefits.

SunGarden®, a division of International Specialty Supply, is using its platform as the leader in the sprouting industry to develop and launch a line of sprouted super food powders.  These sprouted powders have rich nutritional profiles with high levels of fiber, calcium, plant protein, and many more valuable nutrients.  SunGarden®is excited to offer its latest product BrassiPeak®Alpha, a natural immune system booster with amazing nutritional benefits.


This unique blend offers a rich nutritional profile and benefits overall health by releasing powerful antioxidants and detoxification enzymes.  It combines high quality natural ingredients that deliver the building blocks and important elements of nutrition essential to your body’s health and well-being.


BrassiPeak®Alpha is also extremely high in plant-based protein with amazing benefits to heart health, autism, and digestion. A great addition to your daily diet BrassiPeak®Alpha can easily be added to smoothies, juice, or water.  Just a teaspoon added to your daily routine has enough antioxidants and detoxification enzymes to provide a powerful boost to your immune system.  When incorporating this product into your diet you can be sure it is the highest quality sprouted powder available in the market.


SunGarden®Sprouted Ingredients and Powders is a division of International Specialty Supply, the go-to source for sprouting seed, sprouting equipment, and sprouting knowledge.  International Specialty Supply has been in business for over 40 years and its Sentrex®division is known for producing state-of-the-art sprouting equipment, itsSunGarden®Fresh Living division produces premium fresh sprouts and micro greens, and its SunGarden®Seed division supplies the highest quality safest sprouting seed in the industry.


In conclusion, SunGarden®is a vertically integrated sprouting company with a state-of-the-art growing facility and a one-of-a-kind seed sanitation system.  With cutting-edge food safety systems, SunGarden®products, such as BrassiPeak®Alpha, are not only good for you but also safe for you. These products are all natural, organic, vegan, and highly nutritious.


To learn more about SunGarden®Sprouts and Sprouted Ingredients, visit www.Sproutnet.comor call 931.526.1106 x126 for Silas Stoddart, Marketing Director.