An Evaluation of Germinating Beans As a Source of Vitamin C in Refugee Foods

An evaluation of germinating beans as a source of vitamin C in refugee foods.
Eur J Clin Nutr 1998 Feb;52(2):115-8
Riddoch CH, Mills CF, Duthie GG.

Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

OBJECTIVE: To assess whether germinating pulses and beans are a potential source of vitamin C in rations for refugee communities with poor vitamin C status.

DESIGN: High pressure liquid chromatographic assessment of vitamin C content of a range of legumes following germination in light and dark and after cooking.

RESULTS: Many species of pulses produced significant quantities of vitamin C up to five days following germination in both light and dark although cooking caused a marked loss of ascorbate.

CONCLUSION: Germination of approximately half of the seeds of the pulse constituents of many basic rations would be likely to generate, within a 3-5 d germination period, sufficient ascorbate to provide the 10 mg needed to protect adults against the development of scurvy.