Isoenzyme Composition and Some Properties of Pea Lipoxygenase Biokhimiia 1977 Nov

Isoenzyme composition and some properties of pea lipoxygenase
Biokhimiia 1977 Nov;42(11):2079-85
[Article in Russian] Borisova IG, Chepurenko NV, Budnitskaia EV.

The isoenzyme composition and some properties of lipoxygenase isolated from the seeds and 10-day old sprouts of pea plant were studied. The enzyme activity assay, using gel- and ion-exchange chromatography, disc-electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, etc. revealed that the plant contains two lipoxygenase systems of unsaturated long-chain fatty acids oxidation. The existence of four lipoxygenase isoenzymes whose combination determines the type of lipoxygenase-catalyzed reactions of linoleic acid oxidation, has been confirmed.