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[On the mechanisms of stimulation and inhibition during germination of wheat seeds in extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields]

[Article in Russian]

Biofizika. 2007 Mar-Apr;52(2):332-8

Aksenov SI, Grunina TIu, Goriachev SN.

It has been shown that the effects of stimulation of germination of wheat seeds by electromagnetic field depend on the degree of membrane tension during imbibition of seeds in sucrose solutions. This provides further confirmation of the influence of electromagnetic fields on the release of proteins from the bound state on the membranes. The prolonged treatment with electromagnetic fields during the imbibition of seeds leads not only to the inhibition of germination of sprouts but also to a decrease in their germinability, which can be as strong as twofold for seeds with the initial low germinability. This is related to the desynchronization of germination processes, caused by the stimulation of the release of proteins and inhibition of another stage during the cell division, the assembly of complex structures. It is noted that the activation of the release of proteins and inhibition of their binding by the action of electromagnetic fields must elevate the cell excitability. The presumably, the excitability of cells determines the effects of magnetic storms and high solar activity on the physiological state of organisms.