Recalls and Field Corrections Alfalfa Sprouts 1997

Recalls and Field Corrections: Foods – Class II Enforcement Report


November 5, 1997


PRODUCT               Alfalfa Sprouts and Spicy Sprouts (a mixture of alfalfa sprouts and radish sprouts. Recall #F-084/085-8.


CODE                     Not coded.  All products shipped prior to February 25, 1997.


MANUFACTURER     Fuji Natural Foods, Inc., Ontario, California.


RECALLED BY          Manufacturer, by letter on February 27 & 28, 1997.  State of California/Department of Health Services issued a press release (#20-97) on March 7, 1997.  Firm-initiated recall complete.


DISTRIBUTION         California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico.


QUANTITY               Firm estimates none remains on the market.


REASON                  The alfalfa sprouts were found contaminated withSalmonella oranienburg.



[Note from SproutNet – This was a recall only.  No illnesses were reported associated this recall.]