Quality and Sensory Evaluation of Fifteen Kinds of Sprouts

Quality and sensory evaluation of fifteen kinds of sprouts.

Liaw, T.J.;

Shanhua, Tainan: AVRDC, 1997. 16p. : ill., tables En, Abst. in En, AVRDC Summer Student Report

There have twelve seeds were usually easy to sprout and prow fast with in 3-4 days. Hence they have the potential for commercial use to production during the typhoon’s season in a short period. In this report fifteen kinds of seeds namely maize, barley, rice, wheat, black bean, indian bean, mungbean, pea, soybean, sunflower, radish, water convolvulus, buckwheat, pe-tsai, and alfalfa were used for sprouting study. The dry matter, sugar, vitamin C, fiber, iron in sprouts were analyzed. The quality including yield, germination rate and dry matter in sprouts were evaluated. Sensory evaluation for acceptance, astringency, color, fibrous, pungency and sweetness were also made. Sprouts of pe-tsai and radish were good source of vitamin C and iron, but the taste of pungency and the astringency cause their low acceptance. Alfalfa and indian bean were good in sugar, vitamin C and iron content and the acceptance was also high, so these seeds will be success nice to be sprouts. Above all, alfalfa, indian bean and mungbean was proved to be acceptable and good as sprouts and mungbean was the best.[AS]