Alfalfa Sprouts and Their Unusual Effect On Cholesterol

Alfalfa Sprouts and Their Unusual Effect on Cholesterol

Stephen T. Carney

CLC Nutraceuticals, LLC

In a recently completed clinical study of 45 patients, Dr. Lawrence Rink, a clinical professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine found that 1120 mg. of alfalfa sprouts daily substantially reduced cholesterol. The six-week study, concluded in February, showed levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol declined an average 16.6% and HDL (good) cholesterol increased an average of 11.2%.

This research is the first known human trial using alfalfa sprouts, although several studies using alfalfa were run in Europe in the 1990’s.

The subjects of the Indiana study were randomly assigned to one of three groups: a placebo pill; 1120 mg. per day; or 2240 mg. per day. The patients entered the study with over 50% taking statin drugs (Mevacor, Lipitor, Zocor) and over 60% suffering from coronary artery disease. More importantly in the soon to be published report, C-reactive protein, a blood marker of inflammation, which in high levels increases heart disease risk, was significantly reduced.

The 1120 mg. group’s C-reactive protein levels declined 24.4% but the 2240 mg. group decreased 50.4%…an amount that cardiologists feel is “very significant.”  There were no side effects reported in the study. The small, but nutritionally powerful alfalfa sprout, appears to be growing rapidly as a recognized food in the fight to lower cholesterol. Pills of specially prepared sprouts were made for the test so that a consistent dose was given to each patient.

Dr. Rink was surprised and impressed with the results since no trial, animal or human, had ever been previously undertaken, and it gave him a new weapon to lower cholesterol for those patients with liver damage and those intolerant to drugs. The group working with Dr. Rink is already exploring the next phase beyond the pill form; the testing of alfalfa sprout powder when mixed with food. Eating regularly grown alfalfa sprouts (approximately 720 sprouts daily-an average salad) can possibly have the same result.

The Natural Cholesterol Balance product, used in the test, has no interaction with the liver and removes cholesterol from the stomach and small intestine naturally. The human study is available on line at