Used Sprout Equipment (Legacy Page)

Experienced Sprouting Equipment

We trade and refurbish sprout equipment.  Most of this equipment can be found in this website. Our current inventory of used equipment includes:

  • Bean Sprout Wash System
  • 1 Labeling Machine (from Lord Label).  Used about one week, and we decided not to carry that line of labeling machines.  We had a lot of problems with it.  If you just have one type of package this may work fine.  Will let it go for half price.
  • Vibrating Bean Sprout Huller
  • Air-Knife
  • 1 pH Controller – Monitor/Meter
  • 1 Boiler (Nearly New)
  • 1 Tray washer
  • 1 Weigh Right bean sprout weighing machine
  • 1 Alfalfa Seed Sanitizing System
  • 2 Kwik Lok Machines 086: Will CLOSE and LABEL bagged packages at speeds up to 30 bags/minute. This machine allows packagers to label their packages with custom printed labels. An optional unit is available with a printer.